Anthony E

Now that my case as ended I can truly recommend to anyone who is in need of an honest lawyer to inquire Dean Royer's legal services for representation. Dean represented me in an employment case and from the very beginning showed nothing but professionalism and sound advice.

Dean was courteous, flexible, and always made me feel that he had my best interests at heart. He always took the time to communicate with me and explain in detail the procedures needed before filing documents to the Courts/ Defendants lawyers. Dean helped me get through a tough time and I would definitely call on him again should I need an experienced, caring lawyer.

Christopher Torres

I had the privilege of Dean representing me in a wage dispute with a large software company. He guided me through the process which ultimately would have led to Binding Arbitration. Dean was very conscientious of ensuring that I understood the process and the inherent risks therein. Dean went into action and through his Discovery work, which included interviews with some of the key stakeholders, was able to display the strength of our case as well as the conviction of his client. Through his hard work and attention to detail, Dean was able to facilitate a resolution that made me feel that justice was truly served.

Emily D

When I needed to seek an attorney to represent me I did not know what to expect or what the process would entail. Throughout my case, Dean was very communicative and always available. He explained each step to me in a way that was clear to understand and answered all of my question which made the process smooth and painless for me. Hopefully I won't be in a situation where I need to use Dean and his services again but if I am I would definitely partner with him again.

Dr. Akilah Cadet, MPH Founder of a Diversity Consulting Firm

Dean Royer goes above and beyond to make sure you're valued. He is the perfect mix of strategy and bite all while being incredibly considerate and thoughtful of his client. Dean always took time to explain a completely foreign process to me in a compassionate and respectful way. As a Black woman, I felt he clearly represented my experience as a women of color in the workplace. I would highly recommend Dean Royer for any employment concern.

Patrick P.

Working with Dean was educational, accommodating, and reassuring. Throughout the 1+ year process, Dean communicated the legal details of the case in an understandable way. I am grateful for Dean's help.

Matthew M.

Even lawyers need to hire lawyers sometimes! When I needed representation, I was looking for someone with proven expertise, who was genuinely concerned with my case. Dean exceeded all expectations. He is knowledgeable, conscientious and personable. I am very happy with all aspects of his work, and I can't recommend him highly enough.

E. Anderson

Mr. Royer's services were professional and timely. But I personally liked working with him as an attorney who didn't push me for a decision but instead gave me all the information needed to make a solid decision and be comfortable with it.

Jackie O.

I highly recommend Dean Royer's legal services to anyone looking for representation. Dean represented me in an employment case. His professional demeanor immediately put me at ease as I had no idea what to expect in the weeks ahead. Dean is courteous, flexible, and always made me feel as if my questions were important and a priority. He always took time to communicate with me in a prompt and knowledgeable manner. Furthermore, his office is in a convenient location and easy to get to. If I ever need legal help in the future, I will be immediately seeking Dean's expert advice.

Jonathan Garcia

Attorney Dean Royer is a great attorney. He was very efficient in a situation with my employer. I felt in need of hiring Mr. Royer to get the settlement I deserved and also excellent representation. I am pleased with Mr. Royer and the way he works to get a good outcome in my best interest. I strongly recommend him. Thank you very much attorney Dean Royer for being with me on my case!

Pam G.

I whole-heartedly recommend Dean Royer!  He helped me with my harassment case at UC Berkeley.  My case was going on at the same time as the other cases that are now in the news and his counsel was spot on.


I was facing a potentially adversarial and contentious separation from my job and I was very lucky that Dean Royer was assigned to my case. He was always available on very short notice for a phone call to give me advice or to answer specific questions. Knowing that he would be available whenever I needed him was incredibly reassuring and helpful throughout the process. In the end, everything went smoothly and I ended up with a very good settlement.


I was experiencing a difficult and unexpected separation from my job and I talked to several attorneys before I found Dean. His calm demeanor and excellent listening skills were exactly what I needed during that very difficult time. He masterfully crafted a detailed separation agreement that made my departure more palatable and lessened my anxiety about it.

Mario G.

The nature of my work experience brought me into contact with hundreds of attorneys. So when life took a sudden turn, I sought certain qualities in an attorney (competence, savvy, flexibility & thoughtfulness) I knew would help me in my labor dispute. I discovered Dean Royer possessed those qualities & MORE. Dean worked with my challenges and sorted out my scenario based on the budget I could afford. Money well spent!


Deciding to take a legal stand is a decision not easily made, and particularly in my case. I describe it as the ultimate “David v. Goliath” case, with myself as David. The thought of a long, arduous lawsuit seemed too daunting. But, I decided to take a stand and was blessed to have Dean Royer assigned to my case. He was always prepared and importantly, knew the law in detail on both sides of the argument. This helped strengthen my resolve when the case progressed. He made an otherwise stressful journey more palpable and helped me find my own determination due to his steadfast dedication to my case. We avoided costly and stressful litigation when he negotiated a great settlement for me. I will recommend Dean Royer to anyone facing an uphill legal battle. I, and my family, will be forever grateful to him.

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